QTEC Solutions Unveils New Global Brand Identity

CORONA, Calif., March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QTEC Solutions, Inc., https://qtec.us/, a pioneering electronic component obsolescence management company, recently unveiled its new strategic global brand identity.

QTEC Solutions updated its visual identity system to reflect a signal of growth and opportunity. The new and more modern corporate logo, Website, and Q-Star user interface will be applied to new industry sectors and in more international markets, while always maintaining continuity with our highly valued existing U.S. Government and enterprise customers and partners.

“This rebranding initiative directly reflects our continued investment to better serve our current and future customers, further extending the original vision of our founders, Malcolm Baca and David Pooler,” said John Diedenhofen, QTEC Solutions’ president. “Drawing on the industry reputation and strength of relationships we have already built, QTEC Solutions seeks to increase our engagement within the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Medical, Industrial, and Automotive market verticals, both domestically and internationally.”

The new brand system was developed in close consultation with Rivetry Design Studio. “Ultimately, we wanted the new logo to highlight Q-Star, QTEC Solutions’ electronic component obsolescence solution,” said Danny Wethern, Rivetry Design Studio’s founder and creative director. “The logo was designed around the idea of the star being the primary focus, with the ‘Q’ being composed of a star and an orbital circle surrounding it. This helps capture Q-Star’s overarching ability to offer a complete picture of a client’s product and every electronic and electro-mechanical component that goes into it, while still paying homage to the original Q-Star logo design.”

For more information, visit QTEC Solutions’ Website at https://qtec.us/, follow us on social media on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/qtec-solutions-inc-, and contact us at sales@qtec.us.

About QTEC Solutions

QTEC Solutions provides data, software, and services addressing obsolescence challenges for program offices and manufacturers of long-life products with significant electronic component content. 

QTEC Solutions’ flagship product, Q–Star, provides a fully integrated critical information solution that enables manufacturers to predict, view, and manage component lifecycles by anticipating possible degradations and disruptions to their supply continuity. With Q-Star’s algorithm-based lifecycle predictions, collaboration capability, market leading data accuracy, and access to an unrivaled data service team, users gain greater control and management insight for better planning, decision-making, and execution across every aspect of the supply chain.

Since its founding in 2002, QTEC Solutions has been headquartered in Corona, California and employs an entirely U.S.-based workforce.

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